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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Talking bout the...

YMCA. Back in November-ish, we joined the Y. We're done having kids which means I finally have my body back. For good (In theory).

I'd been going pretty consistently: three times a week or so. Until the last month. I'm there pretty much every day. And guess what? I do not set foot on a treadmill. I really hate running. I find it to be unbelievably boring. Even with good music. It is an absolute last resort.

I've taken pretty much every one of their classes. And I can honestly say that they're all great! I love Zumba, Cardio Interval, Hip Hop, Yoga and my most recent find: Spin.

I will admit that even though I'm at the gym every day, I haven't actually lost any weight (not that I need to) nor can I see a difference in my toning. But I feel great. There's just something about sweating your butt off that makes you feel like a million bucks. Plus, cute gym clothes can't hurt.


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Wife of dastew said...

For me, the found energy is the biggest benefit. But I prefer a good run and only do spin class when it's too cold out here.

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