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Friday, June 22, 2012

Roatan, Honduras

Also known as the slightly scary experience where we ate some weird but good food.
 Port day Three landed us in Roatan, Honduras:  a sliver of an island only four miles wide. Our goal for today was just to go to the beach and do some snorkeling.  We ended up deciding to hire a somewhat shady taxi driver named Benny to drive us out to a private beach. Private meaning you have to pay to use it. So, yes. A Tier 3 decision. As we were being ushered around in a 1992 Honda Accord with no a/c, Benny told us a little about Roatan. Apparently, they produce nothing. They have no exports, only imports. Their main industry is tourism.
 Despite being a little leary of Benny, he did as promised: delivered us to a gorgeous beach. The he waited around for us while we snorkeled, laid out, got sunburned, and drove us home.
 This was my view for much of the day. There were a TON of locals who walked up and down this beach hawking their wares. "Wanna massages, lady?" We purchased nothing. On the way back, we got into a discussion with Benny about the fact that they hunt (illegally) and eat iguana. He asked if we were feeling adventurous. Sure!
Benny took us to this little roadside restaurant.

This, ladies and gents, is Iguana. Looks like chicken? Tastes like a chewier, slightly gamier chicken. Also, beans and rice and fried plantains. I thought it was just meh. Matt, on the other hand, loved it. Which is good because we ended up trading plates. I got this: 
 Steamed Grouper. It. was. amazing. Easily the best food of my whole trip. I'm craving it now. My mouth is watering.
 This nice gentleman above is Bertie. I'm fairly certain he's preparing more iguana right now.

 Once again, the road takes you right along the coast. Some really cool views.
 I wish I could remember the details about this ship but I did ask if it had been dragged there and they insisted that it was a real ship that had run aground and been abandoned.

We headed back to our ship sorta early and took a nice long shower and nap. This is me. Dorking around on my Kindle. I hope you enjoy this super closeup of my feet. 
 My dinner outfit. Mostly, I just love the bracelet I picked up that day in Roatan. It's made of Tagua Seeds.
 And Matt was there too.
 And just some random shots.  This was a black forest cake we bought while on board. It was okay. Meh.
 The view from the Lobby all the way up to the top of the ship. Also know as the Dream Atrium.
 This was by far my favorite dessert of the trip. Warm Chocolate Melting Cake. I had it three times. Judge me. It was amazing.
 And this was a delicious looking Tiramisu. I didn't have any so I can't tell you if it was any good.
Tomorrow: Final Port... Costa Maya


Anonymous said...

Your feet are really hot. Seriously sexy ;)

BarovianBadass said...

Matt had the one food that I didn't. For the entire two years I had heard about eating iguana. I had asked around and many people offered to get it for me. But I never had the chance. It being illegal and all, I would have had to wait for someone to go to El Salvador and get it for me.

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