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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween: 2012

I realize it's not even THE DAY yet, but our costumes had to be finished early for a couple of events, so I took pictures while the costumes still looked "fresh".

We'll do this youngest to oldest. For no reason.
First up:
Libby is a girly girl. She likes all things pink and purple and sparkly.
 And so, she is a princess. I made the crown. The outfit was a gift from my mother... I believe she paid an awesome $3. She also has a necklace (which she lost). Mostly, she just wants candy. This look is "I can't believe you aren't giving me any candy right now."

Lucas. We had to beg. Plead. Bribe.
 But in the end, I got my Dobby. Inspired by a pin with no link on Pinterest. I fashioned the skull cap out of nude lycra type knit fabric and attached the ears my husband designed. The "dress" is just a pillowcase that was already stained. Nice, eh? I have to be honest. It is my hands-down favorite.
 You should have heard people "Squee" with glee when they saw him.
And yes, apparently Dobby likes to pick up chicks. Or whatever this expression is.
Miles is mildly obsessed right now.
And he makes a pretty convincing Harry, right? We borrowed the cloak and tie. I made him a sweet wand (which you can only see the end of) and the glasses are just one of those pairs that have the comically large nose attached...with the nose detached. Believe it or not, Miles won our congregation's costume contest. It probably helped that he was casting spells on people all night. Method actor and all.

If you recognize Anna's costume without me telling you what it is, you win big points. BIG NERDY POINTS.
Still no clue? How about this:
This is Rarity. She's a My Little Pony. And yes, I made Anna a wig. 
Basically, I created tufts of hair and soaked them in fabric stiffener. Then wound them around a bat (covered in saran wrap) and stuck them in front of a fan to dry. Hint: the more stiffener the better. I then attached them to a hat I crocheted just for this project. Yes, this was easily the most time consuming project. What was I thinking??? 
And Finally:
Abbie has wanted this costume for several years. I finally consented.
 She is Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender. As reference:
In all honesty, the costume wasn't that hard. The hair is my nemesis. We did get it to look much better for our church party, but come Wednesday, I should have it down pat.
I actually think this costume will get played with again. 

I am awesome. 
I feel like we should all get to say that more often. 


Debbie said...

Yes, you are awesome and these costumes are amazing. I would have given Abbie "Best Girls Costume" in a heartbeat last night.

Maleen said...

All amazing!! You definitely get HUGE mom points for homemade costumes. I know, because I decided to make ONE this year and it was a riot.

Your kids costumes are my favorite each year.

Kayli said...

Way way wayyyy awesome!! I love every one of them. And my daughter was here looking too, and she totally knew Katara before we scrolled down to the picture.

I love Halloween costumes! Yours were awesome!!

La Yen said...


Anonymous said...

Nicely done. I'm impressed by the sheer number of costumes, let alone their level of awesome. Found your blog via a search for Word Girl costume ideas, so it was kinda funny going from that year's collection of costumes straight to this.

Rock on.

Mint Chocolate said...

After looking at the last picture, David says, "ummm.. none of them look very happy." haha. You're so talented. Please save those and give them to us...

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