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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Um. Oops. Bad Wife.

Someone near and dear to me celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday.

We had cake/gifts on Sunday, so I nearly forgot to even wish him a Happy Birthday yesterday. But it's true... Matt is now 30.

And I meant to blog this last night, but I was distracted by about a billion things... one of which being how stinking cold it is here (like 40 degrees overnight!)

Okay, enough excuses! I'm just a bad wife.

However... I am married to the hottest 30 year old, evah!
Yeah, you wish your husband was this hot!


Brian said...

Well you and Heidi will have to fight over hottest 30 year old husband thing.

He is hot though...

Mia said...

He is up there as one of the hottest 30 yr old husbands. Once John hits 31 in April, then Matt can fairly claim the title.

Lost A Sock said...

Happy Birthday Matt!

Mickey Family said...

haha!!! I am glad I'm not the only 'bad wife' who forgets things like that!

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