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Thursday, January 17, 2008


Obviously, one day blends into the next over here! Sorry!

And I've got a friend on her way over here to scrapbook the night away... Woot! So. I'll make this quick!

Runs from Today, January 17th, 2008 until Valentine's Day 2008.

If you had a session with me anytime before June 1, 2007...
Data DVD of all full-resolution images from your session - $200
(with print rights)

I think it stands to reason that I can't keep all of my clients files FOREVER. For that, I apologize. I need to clear off my hard drive and purge my expansive CD/DVD collection of client files.

Also, at the time of your session, I didn't have anything in my policies stating how long I would be keeping client files. I am adding the following verbage to my policies: "All unordered files will be purged (deleted) 90 days following your session. All ordered files (files you ordered a print of) will be kept on file for one year following your session."

I think it's unfair to purge anyone's files without first allowing them the option to purchase them from me. So, I put it to you. If you had a session with me before June 1, 2007 and are interested in purchasing the digital and print rights to your images, let me know!

Any questions, feel free to contact me!

And for the new picture I promised:
Miles, at almost 2.5 still loves to be in the sling.


Amber said...

I heart that picture!! Looks like your hair is getting long. (random thought there).

Mo said...

love that photo!

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