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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Too much. Excess. A lot.

So, in preparation for this NKOTB, I'm trying to organize my massive amounts of baby clothes.

I can admit that I don't know if this is the last baby. This necessitates that we (I, Matt couldn't care less) hold on to every single piece of adorably precious baby girl clothing. And holy cow, there's a lot of it. I can't bring myself to get rid of hardly any of it. I seriously have 4 VERY LARGE Rubbermaid tubs in my garage with ages 0 to 2T in them. I need help.

I also have a very large basket of clothes that needs to be gone through and sorted into keeping, donating and tossing piles. This will require the purchase of AT LEAST 2 more Rubbermaid tubs.

Additionally, I have a special Rubbermaid filled to the brim with clothes for the kids to grow into. And where did I find myself this morning? At Target, purchasing size 4/5/6 pants for little girls who refuse to stop growing. Good thing they were 75% off. $3.74/pair? Venture a guess how many pairs of pants I came home with?

I have whittled it down to 3 large Rubbermaids of girl stuff, and 8 bags of clothes to give away. Boy stuff: a mere 3 "small" Rubbermaids.

And the answer, Sheri, is 7. Keep in mind that Abbie & Anna wear the same size. They're set for pants for the rest of the year.


sheri said...

5. My guess is 5.
And going through baby boy clothes in our storage has been on my longterm to do list for over a year now. Even if we had 1 more and even if it happened to be a boy, let's be honest. I'm still going to be buying cute clothes, so I really don't need to keep all of them. And as for the girl clothes, I'm not even close to being emotionally ready to sort through those, lol.

Mia said...

I went through through my baby girl clothes several times in the last few years and have finally whittled it down from 3 tubs to 1. And I don't even have a girl! The day that I finally give it all away will be the day I unexpectedly get pregnant with one, so we're keeping the one bin until we're sure we're done with kids.

g said...

You mean it's already time to start sorting clothes??! I am so up a creek.

Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

Hey, I did this last week. We stil have FAR too much stuff, but since I don't know the gender of this one, yet, I'm keeping what I have left for now. All 8 rubbermaids of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I understand your pain on the rubbermaid tubs! I have a little one..who shot right through the first year of clothes and into toddler things. Hundreds of adorable outfits later, who do I give them to? I feel your pain!

Amber said...

That is the handy part of having only one gender- you don't have to sort through boy and girl clothes. Although after Cori I've only kept the very cutest stuff (and only allowed myself one bin of it). If/when we have more kids I'm looking forward to shopping!

Jenny said...

I have a small tub for 0-3 months and then a med. sized tub for each of the other sizes up to 2T. And then Tab's closet is full of 3T & 4T clothes than I keep buying.

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