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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's so tiring.

passed out.

Being a big boy is so utterly exhausting. You spend your entire day either running to the potty, washing your hands, or being badgered as to whether you have to go. It follows that since you're now wearing "skinnies", you're just too big for naps. Well, at least voluntary naps that take place in an actual bed. Also, you have to refuse taking naps until at least 4p, thus ruining a normal bedtime.

the front end.

Yeah, definitely a big boy.


Misty said...

We are in the exact same stage of life. (as it's 11:20 PM right now and I'm really wishing my 2 year old would go to bed)w

Parker Family said...

I hear ya! Busy boys!

Cheri said...


Char @ Crap I've Made said...

We are so there as well....only my kid only pees in the fire pit and in diapers. I love it when they accidentally fall asleep.

Jenny said...

Does he call them skinnies now, or still panties? hehe. And Tab totally has those same skinnies.

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