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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sorry bout that.

I know. I've been doing some major blog-slacking. I throw myself on the mercy of the blogosphere. I don't really have a great excuse except to admit that Lucas does NOT sleep through the night. Well, any more anyway. He's not exactly what you might call, "Calm." He's needy. And pinchy. And the backs of my arms and my neck skin are crying "uncle" at the mere sight of him.
But, oh! The sight of him.

Would you believe he made his grand debut already 6 months ago? (On Friday.) And he's sitting.
look ma! no hands!
he sits!
And trying desperately to get his knees under him. (Note to self: get a picture of it.)
And good heavens, he loves the solid foods. We're TRYING to be good and do all the typical baby food stuffs first, but certain people (MELINDA!!!) fed him some tiny licks of ice cream! And he's nommmed on a chocolate chip cookie! And he adored the pinto beans from Betos Panchos.

And not a moment too soon. Every thing within arms reach now enters his mouth. Hair, toys, blankets, your shirt, and on and on.
nom nom.

What can I say, kid likes to eat! And good thing too, since he needs to bulk up a bit. But I do so love this kid. Despite his neediness. Despite his "up at night" behavior. Despite the pinching. (Please, make the pinching stop.)

Yes, I think we'll keep him.


stephanie said...

oh that eyelash picture! gorgeous. listen, stella will be one soon and she still doesn't sleep through the night. i'm so very tired.

Melinda said...

Heeheeheee! Hey I'm just doing what a good Auntie would do. Sugar 'em up and then send them back to mama. And btw those were very, VERY small licks of ice cream. He gonna love me best.;)

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I really, really need to play with him. And I adore that Zutano blanket.

sheri said...

ditto Char...and I'm lol at the Dopey!
And when are we gonna get to see bday pics of Miles already?

Alissa said...

doh! i promise... i have at least one.

Unknown said...

Well if you change your mind about keeping that cutie patootie, I'll take him over here on The Avenue. Your pictures always put me in a good mood

Erica said...

I was missing your comments on la vie. I think that cheesburger made a darn-good bday cake. (There's just somethin' 'bout thme burgers.) Mmmm....Betos, I mena Panchos. Yum. Your babies are delish. e

Amber said...

He's a doll! I want one!

Unknown said...

That looks like a nice fat baby for me. I would cook him up in a roasting pan on top of some leeks, potatoes and celery.

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