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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Abigail and other blatherings.

I think you know her:

I am just gonna cross my fingers and hope that picture looks better for all of you, than it does for me. Matt purchased me a newfangled LCD monitor and it looks HORRIBLE. At least until (hopefully) the Monitor Calibration gobblety-gook he ordered arrives. Otherwise, this puppy is going back! Sidenote over.

Some things about Abbie.
1. She has a name rule. If you're talking to her, her name is Abbie. If she's writing it down, she writes Abigail. I have no clue why. But I think it's cute.

2. She is slower than molasses in the mornings. Getting her out the door for school is making me insane. I've tried charts, I've tried tough love. Nothing is working.

3. Yesterday, a friend paid me for some pictures I took. In homemade cinnamon rolls. How'dya like that currency? Anyway, when I wasn't looking, my children, led by Abbie, picked all the icing off of them. Help me not kill them?

4. Tooth #2 and #3 (a top tooth!) are getting wiggly-er and wiggly-er. It is bad that I'm excited for that nerdy gap-toothed grin? I'm kinda sorta hoping it happens right around Christmas. So what if I'm cruel that way?

5. 37 pounds. Yes, folks. My nearly 7 year old weighs 37 pounds. At one year old she was just under 17 pounds. Which means that she's gained 20 pounds in 6 years. She also wears a size 10.5/11 shoe. So does Anna. They're nearly the same size at this point, and I think by next summer, Anna will be completely caught up. They already share all the same clothes. Except for special outfits.

6. I have plans to make Christmas Dresses for the girls. Wish me luck?

And one more picture of Abigail.
almost 7

Love this girl.


Carrie said...

We broke 40 lbs. this year with our 7 1/2 year old! tiny! Her almost 4 year old brother weighs more than she does and wears the same size shoes also. :)

Christie said...

I think everyone should be paid in cinnamon rolls. Let's make it the new thing. Nobody has any money anymore anyway thanks to the stock market. But cinnabons? Bring 'em on, sista.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I think the worst part about this post is that my freaking 2 year old outweighs her.

Abigail is a babe, btw.

Maleen said...

I think every family has a slow child. Mine is #2 and I have to ask her something at least four times (on a good day) and likely twenty (on a bad day) to get her to do things. She is distracted by everything. The dog has not helped. I swear she interprets "Go get dressed" as "Go pet the dog".

Melinda said...

The picture looks good and I'm a big fan of cinnamon roll currency. What else will you do for them?;)

sheri said...

So beautiful! And I'm pretty sure Kelly's getting close to outweighing her, too, rofl! I'll keep my fingers crossed for her 2 missing front teeth. (have I ever mentioned that Kyle lost his 1st front tooth in March 2007? Still not in yet. I know.)

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty girl, love those eyes! So Alissa, do I owe you some cinnamon rolls?

Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

At least she's a girl and weighs that much. Kael is following suite and his teacher said kids in school are commenting on how small he is :(

The name thing is really cute.

Sister Molly said...

Abigail is a beautiful biblical name. If our oldest was a girl that was going to be her name, but he was a boy. What a lovely child with a lovely name. As far as #2 goes, have you considered homeschooling?

Liz said...

First of all, she is such a beautiful girl and the photos are gorgeous. Love your PP.

Second, I know what you mean about a new monitor and all. My husband bought me a new monitor for X-Mas last year but I'm still editing on my MacBook to this day. Even after calibration, the colors are off and I'm too lazy to figure out why.

Lastly, the weight....I can so relate. William will be 7 in June and is barely 40lbs whereas his 3 yr old brother, Chase, is about 35lbs and can basically wear the same size clothes.

Can't wait to see your Christmas dresses ;)

Erica said...

Freakin' Gorgeous.

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