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Monday, November 17, 2008

Need Christmas Cards?

Every year I make this offer. Some of you have been waiting for this, I'm sure.

What do you do? You email me using the link in my profile. You send me the picture or in some cases, pictures that you would like me to insert into the template (please only send pictures that YOU TOOK, or that you have a copyright release for). You let me know which Sample number you'd like me to use along with any pertinent information (name, alternate message, etc) that you'd like me to include. I can make your pictures black & white, reduce red eye, etc. Be sure to let me know if you'd like 4x6 of 5x7 file dimensions. Then, out of the kindness of your heart, you send a donation (pretty please, but not required) to the same email address via Paypal.

What do I do? Using my magical photoshop abilities, I do what you ask and make you all look like supermodels (kidding!) I create your file. I send it to you. I put a tiny amount of money into my children's Christmas fund (hopefully?). I'll send the file along with directions and recommendations for consumer print labs that do a great job!

And we have some great new templates this year that I slaved over (or was gifted).
Sample 1:

Sample 2:
This is an 8x4. You could print 2 per 8x10 sheet and trim them. These are great and fit in a business size envelope.

Sample 3:
This one is always really popular. I have the ability to fit up to 5 pictures and as few as one into the picture area.

Sample 4:

Sample 5:
New this year!

Sample 6:

Sample 7:

Sample 8:
This is the card I used for our family last year. It can also be oriented landscape.

Sample 9:

Sample 10:

And finally, Sample 11:

Keep in mind that almost all colors, fonts and sentiments can be changed.

I can't wait to hear from you guys. This really is such a blast for me.


Wife of dastew said...

What if I want just one card of a certain photo? Very specific friends. Can you do that? Walgreens only does them in sets of 20. I don't want to be sending this one family the same Christmas photo for the next 20 years.

Alissa said...

well, the way it works is that you get the file. so you can upload it to walgreens and order a 4x6 or 5x7 of that image. you can stick it in an envelope by itself, or with a letter, or send it as a postcard even.

Shelah said...

you know I want! I just haven't gotten any pictures taken yet...

the MRS said...

hey i'm trying so hard to make some of my own but i don't even know where to start... what program would work...?


Alissa said...

i use Adobe Photoshop CS2 but i know Photoshop Elements works too.

Brian said...

We have to figure out what we're doing for our picture... but we'll be using you for sure.

Erica said...

Those are awesome! I wish I hadn't already ordered my generic snapfish ones;( I have photoshop, but can't figure it out. Maybe I could pay you for lessons?

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Everyone's getting haircuts tonight/tomorrow, then I may just get crazy and try to get some pictures.

sheri said...

If I'm in denial that Christmas is a month away, does that mean I'll have more time to prepare?

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