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Monday, October 1, 2012

What I Did With My Summer Vacation That I Didn't Tell You About

Also known as:
Stuff you most likely won't care about but get to hear about because this is MY blog and I'm just now getting around to updating so shut it, you jerks.

I knit stuff.
 As a favor to my mother, I knit this shawl: Henslowe.  Then I had a really hard time giving it away. But I did anyway because I'm awesome like that... and also, who needs another shawl when you have seven(teen) already.
 No, you may not see my face.
 Then I knit this for me! The pattern is Totally Biased and I knit it out of my own handspun yarn! I love it. So much I want to marry it. Yeah.
 Please, don't look at my face.
 I also finished the Epic Blanket of 2012. I think I mentioned that knitting this blanket was my only knitting goal for 2012. I'm such an overachiever! The pattern is Girasole.
It is just lovely. I'm really looking forward to this "Winter" when I can snuggle up underneath it and drink me some Herbal tea and watch Downton Abbey. If you aren't watching this show, you are dead to me.

Stay tuned for tomorrow so you can hear about more stuff you don't care about!


robin said...

alissa, those are BEAUTIFUL! what amazing work!

i miss wearing scarves in freaking florida...

Audrey said...

all beautifully done! the blanket is especially amazing! we must visit you guys so i can see it.

stephanie said...

you're amazing! that blanket is stunning.

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