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Friday, January 18, 2008

I've got a disease.

I am afflicted, people. Don't worry, it's not contagious. Well, not really. But I suspect that most of you are already infected.

The symptoms:
Memory loss
Uncontrollable rage
Inability to stay on task
Unexplained snorting
Hearing voices constantly
Talking to said voices

Yes, my friends. We're talking about Parenthood. Some days it truly feels like a terrible burden to place upon any one person. Fortunately, I'm not alone in my debilitating illness. I've got him and (insert unexplained snort) ALL OF YOU!

What are your symptoms?

In other news...I got pulled over for speeding today. The first time I've EVER been pulled over. Fortunately, I was just given a warning. The officer said it was because of my clean record, but I suspect it was the sight of my three kids in the back in their carseats and my enormous obviously pregnant belly that deterred him from giving me the $185 ticket (that I totally deserved). Thank you, officer!


dastew said...

Well my cat jumped off my head tonight while I slept, which is why I'm awake at 5:30 on a Saturday morning. Does that count for anything?

Lee said...

Being Mom just makes me crazy. So you never know what I might be doing.

I am so happy you didn't get a ticket. That would have totally sucked. Yay for a nice officer.

Alissa said...

so stew... you're saying NOT having the cat on your head woke you? or the cat's jumping that woke you? either way, parenting of all kinds makes you a little weird/crazy.

Brian said...

See chicks can get away with that kind of stuff. A dude's got nothing.

I had a guy pull me over look at my spotless record and give me a 150 dollar ticket for doing 25 in a 20.

sheri said...

Phew for the ticket!
And I totally have Child-Induced ADD. And probably schizophrenia, although that hasn't been officially diagnosed just yet.

Lara said...

I've only gotten pulled over twice in my whole life and both times I got a ticket. So unfair!!!

I was wondering if my kids were ten times more annoying than usual or if I was just pregnant. It looks like it may be the pregnant thing.

I'm only 24 weeks and my belly is already feeling huge. I remember this with my others. I kept thinking it couldn't get any bigger but then it just kept growing!


Yah, I caught your disease, but I am not preg so your disease is a little worse. Good luck with everything! It would be fun to know the real reason the cop let you off.

Audrey said...

Just found your blog (from Tammy Jarman) and had a great time reading through your posts.
No real kids but some days, I feel like my dogs are enough to put me over the edge. I guess it was my fault, I picked a seriously demanding breed. :) Can't imagine the "real thing" yet!!

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