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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Divide and Conquer

I have to admit, bathtime is one of my most dreaded activities. Especially with this ginormous belly. It used to be that everyone got baths on the same night, but I just can't handle that much "helping" at once.

So, the kids' bathtime is split up. The girls shower (which they still need help with getting all the soap OUT of their hair) one night and I laboriously slave over the tub with the boys on another night.

Miles generally hates all manner of bath/shower activities so it's a labor of patience. Call it a boy thing. Lucas, on the other hand, will come bookin' it at the mere sound of water running. His futile attempts at stripping his clothes from his person are laughable. He can't get naked fast enough. Perhaps his opinions will change once he realizes the purpose of baths, such as it did with Miles.


Unknown said...

Such cute kids! I have loved all your posts lately- keep up the great work!

Moghimi Family said...

You make it look so easy to have 4.5 kids! If I keep watching you I may have the courage to have 5. (Yeah, probably not.) Love all your candid pictures. Lucas looks more and more like you.

Jamie said...

I love the angles of your bath pics so that you can post them! :)
We do the same thing: we throw H and Z in the shower while E and A take the bath.

michelle said...

agreed on the bath time.....but after all the work, it's worth it! love the way my kids smell after a shower......they're easier to give kisses and hugs.

your kids are too darn cute!

Jenny said...

Benton is the same way. He knows that after dinner is bathtime and he gets mad on nights when we decide to forgo a bath.

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