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Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise

If you're a mom, you know that when the kids get too quiet it can mean only one thing: TROUBLE. This is when you usually find that your children have escaped from the backyard carrying all the grapefruit from our tree that they can manage and are selling it door to door. TRUE STORY.

However, on this particular day I was met with a very pleasant surprise.



Lee said...

So sweet!! And selling it door to door! I love it.

Audrey said...

what a peaceful looking photo. btw - the grapefruit off your tree are really, really good and if they had shown up on my doorstep i would have bought them all :)

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I love when you post pictures.

Carrie said...

OHmyGOSH how cute is that!?!

sheri said...

motherhood bliss.i

Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

my sisters used to sell rocks door to door.

And such a sweet moment. (your girls, not my sisters)

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