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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Project #2

I'm definitely in a yarn phase. I'm loving all things knit and crochet. I'm a very beginning knitter, but decided to try something ambitious.

I joined the fabulous community of yarn artists at Ravelry.com where there is a plethora of expertise, information and FREE patterns.
Some other great learning to knit sites:
Knitting Help

There is a video or picture tutorial out there for every single thing you might have a question about. I love it! I could never have learn to knit before the INTERNET.

I am not a cloth diaperer. I wish I was. I will explain. I didn't own my own washer/dryer in my home until just before (about two weeks before) Miles was born. There's NO WAY I'm using a coin op to wash/dry cloth diapers. For a long time after Miles was born, we thought we were done having children.
Then we had Lucas. I really was sure that he was our last and figured, "why bother cloth diapering now? the costs won't be recouped in cloth diapering just one kid!"
And then we decided to have another. But really folks, last baby.
Part of the reason that I would have loved to cloth diaper is just for the cuteness factor. Admit it, disposables are UGLY! Cloth diapers have a much higher cute quotient.
So, when I was looking for a cute and simple knitting project, I decided on a wool soaker/diaper cover for my new little girl. After much head scratching, and under-the-breath swearing and literally tearing out 1/3rd of the project when I could have called it complete... and learning a bunch of new techniques, I call it finished.

And for scale:

Because it's TEENY. Just like babies.


michelle said...

sooo cute!!!! beginner knitter my foot!!!!! you are amazing.:)

Anonymous said...

Adorable! What a clever idea. Pardon my ignorance, but does it go over a regular disposable diaper? Or do you use other layers of cloth underneath?

Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

so so so so so cute!!
As someone who has used quite a bit of wool and looked at even more, that looks much better than a second project! if you're already this good, you need to break into the longies/cloth diapering world and start selling.

and the cuteness factor is EXACTLY why I originally was interested in cloth diapering. Other factors won me over, but cute brought me there :)

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I seriously, seriously, seriously need to learn how to knit.

Jenny said...

It is absolutely adorable

Maleen said...

I love how I can imagine her in that and only that because you are in FL, whereas it will probably still be snowing here in March (blat).

Rachelle said...

now that is cute.

i was totally going to do cloth diapers with this new one. but i got lazy and he came to fast and i didn't do it.

maybe next one! :)

Resweater said...

That is adorable! I didn't start cloth diapering until my son was potty trained, lol. He was dry during the day, but wet at night. We're going on 2 1/2 years of cloth diapering now.

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