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Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting Ready

As I already have two daughters, and can't manage to throw or donate the mountains (literally) of baby clothes I had for them, there isn't a whole lot that we need in preparation for the coming of our new little one.

That's a good thing. There is one thing that Matt lets me get with each new kid we have: an adorable coming home from the hospital outfit. Lucas's outfit still makes me all giddy inside and he still uses that blanket.

So, I went out on a search for an adorable outfit for a little girl. Sounds easy enough... but I'm incredibly picky (also the reason she doesn't yet have a name). I did, finally find what I was looking for:

It's from a company called Daily Tea which I'm absolutely in love with and am now tempted to buy one of everything in their collection. Alas, I will refrain.

So, now we just wait. Kidding! I've got a good 6 weeks until this girlie's going to make an appearance. There's a ton of cleaning and organizing to do!


stephanie said...

ah! i didn't know you were having a girl! yay for girls and darling going home outfits. i love that company, too. they make such great things.

Jennifer said...

I'm also having a girl soon and have been looking for her coming home outfit. Going to check out this co. now! :)

Jamie said...

Congrats on a little girl! (Andy still hasn't quite figured out how to make one of those. :) )
That clothing company almost makes me baby hungry, but not quite. I think I would have a panic attack! You are amazing for having #5. Wonder woman!

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