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Saturday, April 24, 2010

So Proud.

My husband was recently informed that he has high cholesterol. While we don't eat SUPER healthy, we also don't own our own deep fryer, either. I blame genetics. However, since we don't want him to die, we're all trying to eat a little better and get more exercise. A step in the right direction.

Or a lot of steps, if you're my husband (his name is Matt). Matt's decided to run. I hate running, so it is highly unlikely that I will be joining him. However, we are SO proud of him.  He ran his first 5k last week.  The kids and I wanted to let him know how proud we were, so we employed the use of my good friend, Mr. Cricut (yes, it's a man... who else could wield a blade so adeptly).

In no time flat we had cut the letters, the shapes, glued, punched and strung up this sweet little banner for Matt to find when he got home.

My kids loved being allowed to push the buttons on the machine and to peel the letters off. I'm a little concerned about finding them using it without permission now...

In other news, Matt's signed up for another 5k next month. Go Matt! Love you!


Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

impressive: the running and the cricuting. really cute banner, Lis.

michelle said...

LOVE the banner! go matt!!!!!!

Cheri said...

Way to go matt!

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