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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Impossibility:

Getting a good picture of 6 kids, most in their pajamas.

Matt's sister Audrey and her awesome little family decided to make the spontaneous trip down to Florida from Virginia for the week between Christmas and New Years. They left on January 2nd, and in my lack-of-picture-taking-guilt, I snapped this right before they walked out the door on their way back.

From left to right: Hannah, Anna, Emily, Abbie, Miles & Lucas.

Most of the kids are out of focus, 50% aren't even looking at the camera. I took about 12 shots, this was the best one. Yikes! Looks like we'll have to come for a visit this summer, Audrey and Marshall... see if we can get a better one.


Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

I like that chair. A lot. The red one. May I see more of it, please?

Also? I can't take good pictures of 3 kids, so that shot looks great to me :)

Alissa said...

it's the Ikea Ektorp Jennylund. Apparently that particular cover has been discontinued:

the white chair is the same style... it's the cover I intend to dye if I ever get around to it.

Audrey said...

we had lots of fun :) maybe we'll have a house in the summer and you will HAVE to come visit!

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