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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Standard Fare

Lucas has really softened to Libby’s presence in our home. What a relief! I was truly concerned for her safety for quite a while there.


He really loves his “Bibby.” He’s terrifically sweet with her. Every morning he comes running into our bedroom and cries, “Bibby!” in his most excited tone. He jumps up on the bed and begins assaulting her with kisses. Kisses on the head, on the cheeks, the eyes, the hands and her tiny toes. Especially the toes.


But while Lucas’s change of heart concerning Libby’s eatableness edibility ability to be eaten is great, that’s not what this post is about.

It’s about this kid.


He’ll be two on Saturday. TWO. Ho-LEE Crap. My baby has suddenly turned into a sassy, little, dirty-faced toddler. And like all the toddlers I know, he has a favorite past time.

Watch closely while I demonstrate.

03272010-44Yes, folks. It’s the nose picking. But no… that’s not enough. Keep watching, please.

03272010-43  “Ooooh! I got somethin’! Let’s see what it looks like!”

03272010-42 “Oh yeah, that’s good stuff!”

I told you, typical.

(Poor Libby, she has no idea how gross her brother is!)


michelle said...

HILARIOUS!!! ......sorry, probably not to you. i tell my kids that if they eat their boogers, they'll be short like me!....they believe it!

what a relief for you, that lucas loves "bibby". adorable pics!

ba and the boys said...

how can you blame him for running in to see his bibby?! she is adorable!
and at least he isnt sharing with anyone...

sheri said...

Adorable pictures!!!
Well, minus the booger eating ones, lol. I'll never understand that past-time. Even amongst kids. Luckily, neither of mine have ever done that. I'd have ran straight to the bathroom and hurled if they had. Although one of the boys I use to babysit did do this on occasion and I would physically gag every time I saw it. I think he became more afraid of me actually barfing all over him than it was worth and he finally stopped. Just throwing that out there in case you want to use it :)
(also, word verification: dessetin...like the butt cream, only spelled wrong)

Rebekah said...

Cameron hates his boogers. He freaks out when he gets them on his fingers. No eating boogers in this house! But in two short years, I'm sure my sweet adorable little Ethan will be just like Lucas in that sense.

Carley, John, Cohen, kennedy said...

yea, just eew.. a cute eew, but an eew all the same, everything before the last three pictures were adorable though, nothing eew about that!

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