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Sunday, April 11, 2010

That's How We Roll

Easter Weekend was a great one but I'm the type of mother that doesn't remember to: 1. Take pictures of the adorable skirts I made for the three girls using the Lazy Days Skirt methodology (with some tweaking). 2. Do any sort of Easter Basket for my kids whatsoever.

My children. They will survive. My ego, however, may not.

This Easter, however, was a threefold celebration. You see, Saturday the 3rd represented 2 years since I gave birth to the wiriest little string-bean of a boy.

Saturday was also the beginning of my faith's General Conference where we spend two days receiving counsel and instruction from our worldwide leadership via satellite broadcast. It's wonderful.

And of course, this was all taking place on Easter Weekend. So, we needed to find some time to celebrate the sacrifice and resurrection of our Lord and Savior. Throw it all together and it sounds like we had need of a party, eh?

So, on Saturday we invited some of our friends over to do just that. There were 29 people in attendance. 19 of those were 10 and under. Yes, folks. That's how we roll.
We sent the dads to the back yard to hide the over 400 eggs we had. The moms took our horde to the front lawn to occupy their time. It looked sorta like this:

I admit to loving the chaos of all those kids... as long as I'm not the only one watching them.
Once all the eggs were hidden, we first released the "Littles" (5 and under) to find some eggs. I use the term "find" loosely. It was more of a picking up of eggs off the ground.

Then the big kids were released and made short work of the rest of the eggs. Once the kids has stuffed themselves full of candy, we brought them inside and sang a quick "Happy Birthday" to Lucas. It was followed by one of my favorite things in the entire universe. CUPCAKES.

This may have been my favorite Easter/Birthday/Conference Weekend ever.


Rebekah said...

At least you made skirts for your girls. I just couldn't bring myself to make anything (would have been vests) for my boys. Conference means no church.

Jenny said...

400 eggs. Holy freaking cow. That is one massive sugar high split between 19 kids. So glad it wasn't my house....though I wouldn't have minded participating in the sugar high or eating those cupcakes.

Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

wowza! did they find all the eggs? we always find lost eggs throughout the rest of the year. Happy Birthday, Lucas. I hope you gain a pound or two this year.

Maleen said...

No wonder they were just scattered on the lawn. How could you find a hiding spot for all 400 eggs?

It looks like it was really fun and yummy.
Happy Birthday Lucas!

p.s. Thanks for liking my Argyle Egg. I worked on it forever and only got ONE vote. I was shocked! And come on, it was the best egg there :)

sheri said...

How fun!!!!

elizabeth said...

Happy birthday to Lucas!

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